Friday, December 7, 2012

My Favorite Love Quote:

"Love is like playing co-op through life; it means never being pinned down by life's nonstop hail storm of bullshit bullets again, because there's always somebody there to cover you while you sprint up and poetically drop the exploded shell of your sailboat right on life's goddamn head." - Robert Brockway @

Bridesmaid Dresses - Take One

On Wednesday my lovely bridesmaid, Katie, and I went to House Of Brides to look at bridesmaid dresses. Sadly most of their samples that I loved were a size 6 or a 12, but our consultant (Jennifer) was helpful in finding dresses similar to the ones I had picked out. We fell in love with an Ella dress that was in the price range we wanted, however it was discontinued.

Jennifer was able to find a very similar Liz Fields dress that I loved even more that the original. We go back on the 21st to get her sized and get the dress ordered.

I also tried my dress on while we were there, and it is about 2 sizes too big on me. I was so afraid that it would be small on me, so that was a relief. Jennifer assured me that they would have no problem taking it in for me when the time comes.