Monday, January 14, 2013

Wedding Shoes

I had some free time on Sunday and it was the perfect opportunity to get started on my wedding day shoes. I knew I wanted something different, but I had no idea what, then I remember a tutorial I saw a few months ago for comic book shoes, and I knew I had to try my hand at them. I opted to use old heels that I had in my basement because I knew they fit and they are comfortable.  



Wednesday, January 2, 2013

DJ Woes - Wedding Rant

So our wedding DJ (Jason at Liquid Kourage Karaoke) has left us high and dry. We have spent months trying to get a hold of him, and I finally had to tell myself that enough was enough. If he wanted our business and to continue our friendship he would have called us back or emailed us. (He was a good friend of ours. When we got engaged in March he agreed to DJ for us, and told us he would reserve our date and send over a contract ASAP. We never got the contract, and in July we asked for it again with no response.)

Now I am having trouble finding an affordable DJ that is free on our wedding date. I know I should have started looking for a new DJ sooner, but I haven't really had the time nor the money for the down payment. Most of the responses I have received today have been along the lines of "I'm sorry but we are already fully booked for that evening."  /end rant.