Friday, March 22, 2013

Well, after a long conversation with House of Brides and my BM we have decided not to order her dress from them. I was in the store yesterday to pick up my dress and I made sure our consultant was going to be in so that my BM could order her dress. My BM called them and asked for our consultant, and she was busy with a bride, so she asked the consultant to just call her back. A different girl called her back a few hours later and said that the consultant was out sick. This would be believable, however my BM had already spoken with the consultant. They they told her that the dress and alterations were going to be $110 more than what we had been told, but my BM could pay with a credit card over the phone. Just last week she was told that her consultant had to be present and that she had to pay in the store. She told the consultant that she was not comfortable placing an order at the time and that she would need to call me first. She was then told that the other BMs had already placed their orders and that they were just waiting on her in hopes of pressuring her into ordering right then and there. Amusingly, she is my only female BM, so she knew right away that they were lying to her. 

I told her to just forget about it, and we would find something off the rack out where she lives. (She is about two hours away from me) I am going to spend the rest of the day calling dress shops out in her area to see what they have in black in her size, and I'll just make her a pink sash or something for her dress.  

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