Monday, February 11, 2013

Wedding Update

I'm really bad at keeping this updated.

A few weeks ago we decided on a new DJ - Dennis from DJs for You. Now I just have to decided on the music that I want played.

I'm crazy indecisive about the shoes I want to wear. I have three pairs of shoes that I am considering, but I won't know for sure until I try them all with my dress. All three shoes were purchased for reasons other than my wedding, and it would be great to get to re wear a pair instead of buying new shoes.

I decided to ditch the bouquet that I made a few months ago, and bought a set of three from Etsy. I have a large one for myself, a small one for my bridesmaid Katie, and a small one for the bouquet toss.

Not last weekend, but the weekend before I finished my favors. I bought a 5 pound bad of Hersey Kisses from Sams Club and some pink and sliver heart confetti from Joann Fabrics. I had the pink, black, and white treat bags from Hobby Lobby that I purchased months ago, and I spent about an hour assembling 60 treat bags. Then Dan and I ate the left over Kisses. I also worked on the bottles that I am going to use on the reception tables. They are wine bottles that I painted with chalkboard paint and added glitter too.

(Insert Favor Photo Here)

Last week I went to a thrift shop with my bridesman, Nate, and I found an adorable set of toasting flutes for $1. I was very lucky to find this, and I it saved us close to $30 on buying a brand new set.

(Insert Toasting Flutes Photo Here)

I went to Hobby Lobby to purchase my cake cutting set on Saturday, and I noticed that the style of wedding 'things' I have slowly been purchasing were all on clearance. I managed to get the matching garter set for $3 and 100 more place cards for $1.60. The cake set was also 1/2 off, so it was win win. We have an engraving set at my work that I will use to engrave our names and wedding date on the set, as well as on the toasting flutes.

(Insert garter, cake cutting set, and place card photos here)

Saturday I also made our Cardbox - I got the idea from the movie Up. The couple have a mailbox with their hand prints and names.- I recreated this, and can't wait to use it as our actual mailbox after the wedding! I just have to ask someone to pick up pink and black balloons on the day of the wedding.

On Sunday I worked on the wording and format of the invitations and response cards. I wanted them to be crazy nerdy, but Dan was leaning towards something more traditional. I think the mix of both came out alright, but he still needs to read them before I share the wording.

Unfortunately, I am having issues getting the rest of the photos off of my phone, but I will post another update later with pictures of the favors, my garter, the cake cutting set, and toasting flutes.

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