Thursday, November 1, 2012

We have work to do:

Time keeps slipping by me, and I feel as if I have so much left to do! According to my checklist on The Knot I am 'on track' for the most part.

Dan and I still have to  book the hotel for our honeymoon, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon. We haven't really discussed what we are going to do other than the fact that we want to take a road trip to Vegas. I'm assuming Vegas in June is busy because of the nice weather, so I do hope we book a hotel soon. Personally, I want to stay at The Hard Rock Hotel again.

We need to get in contact with our DJ at some point in the near future. Jason from Liquid Kourage is a great guy, and puts on a fantastic karaoke show, but I still need to set up a meeting with him so that I can let him know my expectations for our wedding and so I can see a contract. Dan and I used to go out to his karaoke shows every week when he was preforming in Downers Grove, and we always had a blast.

We also need to get to work on our invitations. We chose to purchase blank invites from Hobby Lobby and print the info ourselves, just as we did for our Save The Dates, and I have a feeling that we may run into some unwanted trouble with the printing process again. Thankfully the invitations were 50% off, and I purchased 100 so that I would have extras in case of any misprints.